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Hi everyone! 


WELCOME to the NEW 4 Week course! this course is designed to help you learn new tips and tricks and generally LEARN all about makeup! If you was on my previous online course you will know that I go into DEPTH and A LOT of detail when teaching makeup, I don't hold back! nothing is hidden or kept secret, I let you know everything you need to know!


There will be 4 LIVE lessons,

- These will be held on either Wednesdays or Thursdays around 5pm (to be confirmed each week on the course page). 

- The 4 looks will all be completly different, you will learn; 

- A soft makeup look

- A bold and colourful makeup look with a cut crease. 

- A technical makeup look which will include more technical cut creases and winged liner. 

- A classic smokey (any colour). 


That is not all! you will also gain ACCESS to the ENTIRE previous course!! which has 10! in depth makeup looks. (When joining the course please stay on track with the new course, the older looks are more for you to watch whenever). 


There will also be WEEKLY competitions where you can WIN 'The Blend Bible' OR 'The Manual' (My MUA books that I created and SOLD OUT numerous times. (You get the option incase you already own one or the other). 


How do I access?

All you have to do is add this course to your basket and put your INSTAGRAM @ in the comments section on the purchasing page before purchasing (Add a note)

Once you have gone through checkout, add the instagram page @rebekaheller_lives , I will see your instagram handle from purchasing and accept you! (make sure the account you tell me when purchasing is the same one you add the IG account with) 


Do not download after purchasing (this is not the course its just an image!) the course is held on the instagram page mentioned above).


I cant wait to teach you all! :) lots of love, Rebekah x 


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