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* Not out of stock * email for enquiries depending on which amount of days you would like to do for prices. (Lessons can be up to 7 days!) 


The Ultimate Makeup artist start up course! 

This course is designed for those who want to become a makeup artist starting completly from scratch, learn in extreme detail everything you need to know about makeup artistry, starting from the basics and getting more advanced and technical as the course goes on. 


Master each individual category in makeup such as mastering the eyebrows, different eyebrow techniques, how to get a super crisp carved brow etc. The looks you create can be a variety OR can be focused on one topic such as 'Soft Glams', 'Bridals' etc. Learn cut creases, master blending, flawless skin techniques, colourful looks, technical looks, the list is endless! You can learn literally anything and everything!  


What will you learn? 

The accredited course includes online theory work that will help you undertand more about makeup, hygeine, health and safety, Covid secure, before coming to course to start your practical! This part is what will give you your accreditation.


You will be learning completley 1-2-1 with Rebekah learning all the ins and outs of Makeup artistry, tips and tricks, up to date and new trends and learn in complete full detail. Rebekah can provide models for you on the day OR you bring someone you know. Ask as many questions as you like, make notes and take pictures during the process. 


You will learn how to hold your brushes, how to blend and how to achieve the best outcome for your client. Learning how to set up your lighting and take professional pictures for social media as well as how to start your buisness. 


You will learn on models of different ages and different skin tones to cover every person. This is extremly important in the makeup industry to be able to cater for everyone and is a must! 


At the end of your 3 days you will receive the MBR certificate of attendance, the accredited certifacte and The manual makeup book to help you once you finish. You will leave the studio a qualified MUA and recieve on going support onwards in your career. 


The Kit, whats included?

- 5 Maybelline super stay foundations (variety of shades) 

- 3 Concealers 

- 2 Maybelline matte maker setting powders

- Bronzer, Blush, Highlight 

- 2 x eyeliners

- 2 x lipliners 

- 2 x Lipsticks 

- Loreal Hydra Genius Moisturiser 

- Brow products 


- Theory 

- Practical 5+days 

- Recieve a kit to get you started 

- Recieve 2 certificates + Makeup book. 

- Ongoing support


Not from round here? no problem! The station is 5 minutes from the studio and is a 20 minute fast train from London bridge! if youre decided to stay whilst doing your course there is a Premier inn hotel 5 minutes walk from the studio.  

5 Day + Accredited Course + Kit

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